“Joseph’s first-person voice is fresh and authentic, and his character arc is immensely satisfying. Persevering because Heather inspires him to, eventually he begins to learn some valuable lessons on living in his own skin even as he challenges himself to be more than he thought he could be. Joseph’s journey turns out to be an amazing and deeply rewarding transformation." —Kirkus Review

“An entertaining mix of events, conversations, anxieties, and reflections, Joseph’s first-person narrative engages readers on page one and never lets up. The combination of acute observation and wry humor is disarming, and Joseph isn’t one to shy away from mulling over his own shortcomings. In the end, his big heart outweighs any number of supposed defects and enables him to help others in his family, on his team, and in his wider circle of friends. Justice is sweet when bullies get their comeuppance in this rewarding first novel." —Carolyn Phelan, Booklist (subscription required)